Monday, 21 December 2009

Christmas SLOO!

Well, I am back in Abingdon for the festive period. I have taken this as a chance to play some Slaughterloo games with Ross. The soundtrack for the game was Sharpe, followed by the lord of the rings.
I enjoyed the Sharpe music rather more! Perhaps a hash of both at the same time is required!

Rather embarrasingly, only half of my division was painted. However, I am rather proud of the ones that are painted.

The Generale Ferro Rospo overlooking the battle. Rather annoyed by his girlfriend it would appear!

The Todoroni surround a unit of Krautian Dwarf Guard, who rather annoyingly formed square. As is typical!
My other units softened them up and the Hussars charged towards them, failing to make the distance. A great shame which may have chaged the final outcome of the game!

The game was as fun as I remember it being and I really wish I could play it more regularly. I was well up for another game, but I would have liked to change my division. I think I would have gotten bored half way through.
Well done for the win Ross!

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