Tuesday, 8 December 2009

It's been a while!

It certainly has been a while!

I am just playing around with a few things at the moment and this is one thing I felt I left behind. I think it's down to lack of followers really. But that's my fault!

Anyway, I have just had my assessments at Uni and it happens that I got a Merit/Distinction level pass for the first part of it! I am very happy with that (perfection from the start is impossible, after all!). Hopefully I will bump it up to Distinction over the next project. I really need to get mounting my work!

I have also begun sculpting for Alternative Armies properly, which I am chuffed with. It is a shame I cannot talk much about it, but if I see any painted, I will be filled with pride.

I am waiting for a phonecall from GW about the job still. I have been told I will be phoned tomorrow.

Me and Hannah are waiting in our freezing home for the insulation people to come round, it appears they arrange times to turn up in Warwickshire, but then never bloody do. Perhaps there is an abyss somewhere in Warwickshire where insulation people go on the way to Kenilworth...

Sorry for the lack of Photos, perhaps I will start up again soon.


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