Sunday, 31 January 2010

Flintloque 3rd edition :)

Hello merry readers!

I know I am a bit late, but I tried Flintloque 3rd edition, War on Catalucia today with a good friend of mine, Richard.

He and I thoroughly enjoyed it, we played one normal one on one which was found to be a little boring, but that is the nature of skirmish games!
We then played the 'Bodyguard' scenario from the Notables Compendium. This was fast and fun.
I feel the game would have been better had we created sections using the skills, traits and flaws mechanisms and gone for more specialist types with more character.

I look forward to using the rules a bit more and I'm glad I finally got around to using them!

I also look forward to getting Death in the Snow through the mail! Can't wait to start using dwarves and undead in my games.



  1. Good review - I'd agree with you, a good game - but you need so much time to develop really characters and sections.

    Concerning Old Uncle Rogipoos. I used the Oswald Pebblekettle for the body and the bicorne from 56009 1st. Staff Detachment.

    The Cocoa mug was a section of plastic straw and a piece of sprue. Other work was 'good old green stuff'.

    Good luck with the conversion.


  2. Cheers mate, yeah I can imagine it takes a while. It;s gonna take me long enough to get used to all the traits and things. I'm going to go through my collection at some point and write up 'section' sheets for each unit.


  3. Hello Rob,

    Flintloque 3rd edition has so much more depth for those which wish to use it. You can play the game straight as you said or develop some really interesting characters to build into a campaign.

    Of course that then means that you really get upset when they are killed. 'Oh Frodorcson why did you catch that 6lb ball with your face, you owed me 12 groats!'