Sunday, 14 February 2010

Under the Bridge...

Recently, I decided to have a look at Alternative Armies' Trolka miniatures for their Flintloque game.
The Trolka are large cousins of the Trolls which roamed Valon in the Darke Ages, they dwell in the Northern kingdom of Scandavia, a frozen waste only fit for the toughest of beings. STanding at roughly 8 or 9 foot tall, they are the tallest Sentient being on Valon and very rarely have much to do with the outside world nor do they dabble in the affairs of other countries. However, they and their smaller brothers, the Trolkin of Copendaz, have joined Mordred's empire and marched into the Witchlands with his Grand Armee du Norde under the command of Lord Bjornborg, a Trolka who had to sit outside when Mordred gathered the commanders of his army as he wouldn't fit in the building!

The models I decided to try out were a kneeling Trolka Jaeger and Pehr Kalm, the famed Botanist and Explorer. Much of his exploring led to the colonisation of Cannucka and the discovery of many of it's major landmarks.

I decided to do a bit of conversion work to Pehr Kalm, I gave him nostrils to finish his face off, added a compass and a map. I also did some work to his back. However, both miniatures are lovely in their raw state regardless of this. Kalm's base is unfinished as I still need to varnish him, I am waiting for the weather to improve!

Cheers folks!


  1. Hi Rob,

    Check out my blog for updated info on the Harry Woodman book, working in plastic card.


  2. I like these troll looking characters and the way you don ethe eyes, very nice.

  3. Cheers mate, hopefully there will be more to come in a few months (when I get around to buying more)!