Tuesday 8 September 2009

Moving, Reading, Painting, Sculpting and just about living!

Haven't posted recently due to the lack of internet connection.

I also lack a digital camera, so once I get the net, all my images will be scanned probably!

Anyway, I have moved to Kenilworth, a town (with a quite impressive castle) near Warwick, Coventry and Leamington Spa. It is a wonderful area and I think it suits me far more than the social divide that is Oxfordshire. I have moved into a house with my girlfriend, which is excellent. Very strange experience but quite enjoyable.

I have found the time to read quite a few books, including 'Space Marine' by Ian Watson, a very old GW novel that is actually quite good. Very eye opening for the background and suitably dark. The description of the Squats in it are quite cool too. I'd suggest it to anyone who is into 40k. As for comparisons, I am not sure. If I am honest, quite shamefully, I have only begun reading properly (as in reading more than just a few chapters).
I have also managed to read the first two books from Michael Moorcock's 'The Nomad of Time' Series, entitled 'The Warlord of the Air' and 'The Land Leviathan'. Both were filled with wonderfully descriptive scenes that were conjured in my mind with no difficulty. In fact, I remember the cover of the Warlord of the Air from an art book on Patrick Woodroffe, a wonderful Fantasy artist who still works to this day down in Cornwall. Very 70's, but I love that stuff. The Warlord of the Air is quite original, The Land Leviathan is where the story gets a little bit repetative, but for a short read I would reccomend these to anyone with a little place for VSF and even Post-Apocalyptic writing in the case of the Land Leviathan. Thy definately show their age, but that really helps the feeling of the settings. I look forward to reading the Steel Tsar, but I must find a copy first!

At the moment I am reading the classic War of the Worlds by H.G.Wells (do I really have to say who it's by?). It is very 'wordy' as one would expect from a 110 year old book and it is filled with socialist commentary, but that aside, it is very ahead of it's time and I am enjoying it. You just have to filter out all the socialist stuff.

Painting wise, I have been painting more Flintloque and some GW stuff. I painted up 10 Bog Orcs (Guinalean Legion) for Flintloque and I have begun work on painting all my old Space Hulk stuff (Hannah and myself played it and we both love it).

As for sculpting, I have been sculpting a few packs for Alternative Armies, trying to gain some experience. I shall shed light on them when they are cast. ;)

Living wise, finding a job whenyou are a student with no experience is bloody difficult! I just had an interview for GW today and I am scared out of my wits as to whether I am 'suitable'. They said I ticked al the boxes but being excited. I attempted to end the interview with a bang, showing how I would get a beginner excited about the games. I think they were impressed, but I will have to find out! I'll update you on that position too!

So from Hannah and myself, Cheers!