Sunday 1 November 2009

Quick Update

Hey guys

I've been at uni for quite a few weeks now, I do apologise for the lack of posts.

I also apologise for the lack of photographs, I will bring these up later when I get the internet back in Kenilworth!

First off, unfortunately I did not get the job with GW. However, I have been to another 'practical' interview (one of their recruitment days), which I hope went well. Again, I am just waiting to hear from them. I was somewhat gutted from the last interview though. Ahh well.

I finished war of the worlds, it's a great book. It was indeed challenging, but by challenging myself to read such a book I feel I have come away from it with a different frame of mind (as we all do after reading a book). Since I have begun reading I really think I have been engaging with my mind a lot more. Since then I have also read H.P.Lovecraft's 'at the mountains of madness', it is an intriguing short story that builds up as you read it. He was an incredibly diverse and intelligent man relating to the arts as well as the sciences in an astonishing amount of detail in the snippet of his work I have seen. Eventually, I will read the rest of the collection of short stories, but I think I will do it inbetween reading other books. They are a little tiring I think.
At the moment I am reading the Lord of the Rings. By god, I cannot understand why I never did. I recall trying to at the eager age of 14, but failed miserably, becoming bored of Bilbo's party. But I now feel I am at an age where I can appreciate the way Tolkien described the events in the book and the detail he goes into. I am truly lovng it.

As someone who until he was 18, the only full book he had read was 'the hobbit', I am incredibly pleased with myself!

Anyway, onto the sculpting I mentioned. I am now sculpting for AA. This means I cannot say which miniatures I have sculpted. It is great experience for me and they do treat me well. I hope the miniatures I sculpt become part of Flintloque player's everyday lives like so many of Mike Owen's sculpts have done for me.

Last night I was incredibly happy. I saw a band I have been waiting to see for many, many years. The band? 'Therapy?'.
Jeez, it was the best gig I have ever been to, the atmosphere was awesome and the band were utterly relentless. They played on the halloween theme which was great fun. I was lucky enough to meet the whole band, gather 2 of their signiatures in their latest album, picked up some merch and got my photo with them.
I also saw 'Bolt Thrower' a few months ago. For those wargamers amongst you who recognise the name but cannot remember why, they released an album entitled 'Realm of Chaos: Slaves to Darkness' back in the 80's... The album featured art directly form Games Workshop. They played an utterly brutal set which featured some of the best Death Metal songs ever made (considering many of the best DM songs ever made were made by themselves). Their supporting act was Brummy death metal band, 'Benediction' who also played a mind-blowing set featuring classics such as 'burying the hatchet' and 'magnificat'.
Picked up some merch, but my girlfriend, Hannah, seems to have stolen my BT hoodie as it is comfortable! Believe you me, she is not a death metaller! But bless her, she puts up with me.

Speaking of which, she bought me space hulk for my birthday! How brilliant is that? What's more is that she enjoys playing it herself!
Anyway, I must be off. See you all later!


P.S. Steve, I really want to do something with PZF:L! :)