Wednesday 19 May 2010

Baron Petrolchemicoli, and a mess of new things...

Illustrated above is the guady Baron Petrolchemicoli (known as B.P. for short usually), the owner and creator of the Todoroni Guard from Nepolise, the Fantastico Cotechino Guarda. Trained by Rats and Orcs, deserters of Albion's best Guard regiments, these toads are the business of the Nepolisian army. Now under ownership of his majesty Kyng Tadio Polo of Nepolise, ruler of Nepolise and all the other Nepolisian states under the Emperor Mordred of Armorica.
The model is part of AA's LE range and due out soon. It was available in limited supply at Salute. The casting is quite clean and was enjoyable to paint. I took it to be my first Toad that would not be painted Kermit the frog green. After doing this one, I feel the need to revisit my toad army and work on the skin tones and perhaps pay more attention to their uniforms.

Here is another mini I picked up at Salute, it is a VLE model, due out soon, 'Foul Mouth Freddie'. Based on the character designed by Tony Harwood of 'Dampf's Modelling page' fame, it is a nice new Orc miniature which depicts a surly sergeant, who has a beautiful way of arranging the Albionite language! Only thing I had to fix was the plume, which shifted in casting. It is hardly noticeable, but I wanted to get this just right to do Tony's character justice! I based my version on ony's and tried to paint it quite similarly, but with my twist. Below is the back view, nothing special, but thought you lot might be interested.
Oh, I particularly liked the shako. Odd, I now, but it was fun to paint. Which is funny as I hate painting black.

Another note on Tony. That magnificent fellow sent me some nice things! He ran a prize draw on his blog, to win Billy (the) Piper. A Joccian rat which has been converted and painted by Tony himself and placed on a small plinth. It is a stunning piece of work. It's really nice to see his handiwork in person and take inspiration from such a mini as this. It has prde of place on the dresser at home, as Hannah gave me permission to display one miniature. I happily chose this one! You should get bigger pics if you click them.

Along with Billy, Tony sent me some unreleased Undead miniatures. I believe they are the Moskova Guard. A great bunch of characters, of whom a few I have photographed below. My favourite is the officer below, who is pointing with his sword (which is nice and big, very orcish) and has his hand raised in the air as if summoning his troops. The long coat is excellent and this model will be a joy to paint. With the others, the sculptor has put a ball at the end of each bayonet. Now, I've had a few models like this, and I can't decide if I like it or not! Sure, it makes the whole bayonet cast, but it is a paint to tidy up and clean up!

Cheers for looking guys, thanks Tony for sending the stuff and thanks again to Gavin, for making all of this possible.
Hopefully it won't be long for the next one, but you must understand, I only paint in between sculpting (waiting for green to dry), so I get very little of that done these days. I don't mind, as I love sculpting, but I cannot show you lot because that's the rules!
Cheers again!