Thursday 9 December 2010

Current obsessions...

Hello there, it has been an extraordinarily long time since I last posted here. This is beginning to become the theme of my irregular posts!

I saw something rather wonderful on the Internet whilst doing Artist research for my Degree (Fine Art BA if you don't know). I knew of the painter Albert Edelfelt, as the horrid Teacher of one of my favourite painters and drawers, the Austrian Artist Egon Schiele, but never did I think to look at his work.

I took a look today and I am in sheer awe! My current Wargaming project is, as usual, for Flintloque and is 'Skandavians', mainly focusing on Trolka and Trolkin (Swedish and Danish). Edelfelt's drawings and paintings sometimes feature the Russo-Swedish war and Finnish War! Both of which are perfect references for Flintloque!

Here are a few rather inspiring images:

As you can see, all very inspiring stuff!
Anywho, back to painting up more of the big guys then!!!


  1. That's right, Sculpt-Monkey! Get these chaps sorted and then you can get on with some Krautians and rotten, damn dirty Finks!

  2. I look forward to seeing more