Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Flintloque - Bellalugosi Line Infantry, Cacciatore Splendido Hippo Hussars

Hey guys,

I haven't posted anything in a few days. But here is what I have been working on:

Bellalugosi Line
This is the rank and file (or should that be ranke and vyle?) unit of the Todoroni army. It is of incredibly poor quality when it comes to fighting. These toads are no more than everyday toads, drafted into the ranks of the Ferach Grande Armee because of the offer of fancy clothing!
However poor these troops may be, they have given me many good days too. They were fun to paint at first, but after the first 12, you begin to lose the will to live.
The AA painters must have souls of steel for their will not to break halfway through.

The Cacciatore Splendido Hussars
These are big todoroni riding pygmy hippos. Their uniform is just as flashy as that of the Bellalugosi, but the troops are slightly more hardened. They are no match for the best albion orc cavalry, but they are equally good as many other light cavalry units in the game.
Why Hippos I hear you all ask! Well, they are a sturdy mount, allowing the toads to canter along, showing off their uniform. They can also be worked up into a lethal charge. Most obviously though, they are amphibious, like the todoroni.
These were fun, but again, after the first 5 I got a little bored.
All of these have had their faces resculpted and some of their legs and feet repositioned so that they rank up properly. I also added a little extra musculature to the right hind leg of each hippo as I felt the leg looked a little thin when compared to the other.
I have another unit of these and I am considering doing some dragoons. The dragoons will be little todoroni though and the hippos will be irregular miniatures ones. They are cheaper and nicer models.


  1. I must say they do look really good.
    Nicely painted even after you got bored.;)


  2. lol

    well, sticking with them until they are done is always good, I'm really quite happy with them.