Saturday, 25 July 2009

Tonights game and a little thought.

Hey guys,
Just got back from the Wargames club after having played a game of Slaughterloo.

I played using my todoroni, only 1500 points, but it was an eye-opener to how I have been using the army. All my officers were 'Cowardly' in this game as this increases the Todoroni's pitiful form by +2.
I also took Ferro Rospo who increases the form by +1 to all todoroni within 45cm.
I then gave one of the Bellalugosi a Mounted officer (unfortunately, the rules only allow one per division).

For the first time ever, the toads did very well at not running away. They didn't do much fighting though. I would really love to try this army out properly as I found most of the board was dominated by a giant section of woodlands! One more turn was all I needed to give the killing blow to a unit of Orc Dragoons and a unit of Orc Line infantry. I would have also mopped up the rifleorcs I gave a bash on the nose with my Voligeria Light infantry.

Next week should be 40k, then more Slaughterloo and then I move. Very scary thought really and a damn shame I shan't be playing many games when I move. Especially one's that aren't GW.


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