Thursday, 30 July 2009

Flintloque: Todoroni Catatonic Bishop and Luca The Newt. Uncharted Seas: Orc Battleship and Orc Cruisers

Hey Guys, I have the usual Flintloque stuff that none of you seem to be too bothered by... But I also have some UNCHARTED SEAS stuff.
So here it goes!
I'll start with the Flintloque.

This is one of AA's VLE (VERY limited edition, limited to 250 casts) miniatures. I think that so far, it is easily the best of the lot too. Once I got this I just had to start painting it. I stopped halfway through when I realised I couldn't really use it in Slaughterloo. However, I am thinking of writing some rules for him as an extra special officer (in a similar vein to a Mounted officer, except he can dismiss orders and give his own (it is his god-given right!)).
The miniature is excellent, I really recommend it. The sculptor has done really well and you can tell he has paid extra attention to making it like the older sculpts. Well done him.
I have another sitting unpainted which will be converted into my style. I also plan on doing a pope, but dark sword miniatures just released a frog one, so I may just use that!

Luca has connections in the Tapioca Naffia crime family in Nepolise. He gained such connections at the battle of Maulando, he is now a well known and respected officer in the Nepolise army.
I apologise for the poor photography, I was trying to see what would happen if I didn't use flash. Turns out, my camera much prefers using it as this image is grey and grainy.
Uncharted Seas ORC CRUISERS
These truly are a joy to paint. I love the game and I love the miniatures. I used an awful lot of drybrushing and ink washing as the miniatures are a smaller scale. I wanted to get the fleet done as I really, really like the game system. I have spent a little while on the sails, I hope it stands out enough now.

This is only just 'finished'. I still have to do the sail design, which will be the same as the above ones, just with more tentacles. I have 6 frigates done too, but I have another 12 frigates 2 Battlecruisers and an assault ship (that looks rather phallic unfortunately) to paint up. The most time consuming thing to do is the bases. Sculpting them is quite a paint, but I started it, so I will finish it!

Cheers, I hope that is enough variety for you!


  1. Those Orc ships look very, very nice. I was pondering buying some US stuff to complement my Man O War fleets, different scales but some of it should fit in okay...

  2. Oh wow those ships are amazing. Specially the sail design.
    You don't find the Uncharted Seas stuff in my lgs.


  3. Cheers Steve.

    It's an awesome game, I also have a MOW Dwarf fleet and comparing the two, I definately prefer US. The ships are bigger and the rules are much smoother.
    Would be perfect for Strange Tydes though.

    Cheers Hein too,
    My LGS only sells rpgs and boardgames! I order or pick stuff up at shows.