Thursday, 23 July 2009

Flintloque - Generale Ferro Rospo of Nepolise

Hey guys,
new update here. I have been painting these for the past few days and I am very happy with the results.
I actually resculpted a lot of the original model (available from, this may be cringe-worthy to many collectors of the LE range, but I just wasn't keen on the sculpt. I didn't feel it matched the original Mike Owen sculpts enough when used together.

I usually write the name of character miniatures on their bases for use in Flintloque and to help new players remember character names. I spent a little time on this one to make sure the writing was clear, regular and not too 'wonky'.

Here he is in his own glory. I am very happy with the arm repositioning and resculpting so it looks like he has some control of his Baby Hippo mount. I also redid his left hand to be holding hih hip. I'm also pleased with the Bicorne, which is sculpted entirely by myself, I tried to make it more 'show-offy', by adding unnecessary feathers and furry bits around the edge. Well, a toad's gotta' be fashionable. Right?

This is Rospo's wife, Lucrettia, who joins him on the field of battle to be sure he stays true to his vows. Granted, his vows were spoken with a pistol in his side, the holder being Lucrettia herself. I will probably paint a little lipstick on her. Just to feminise the miniature a bit more and add a little humour. I was tempted to paint a lipstick mark on Rospo's cheek as well!

Finally, the couple's spawn. Brought to the field as a reminder of Rospo's duty to his family. Should the goo be yellow?

Anyway, I'll let you lot be the judge of the sculpting and painting work.

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